Before buying a shipping container for sale, consider what type of container you need. Is it strictly for storage? Do you want to customise the tanker and refurbish it into office space or accommodation? We break down everything you need to know about buying different shipping containers for various purposes.

The shipping container industry has boomed in recent decades. These basic steel structures were meant as an affordable and secure transport for goods around the world. However, their uses didn’t stop there. Something the shipping industry couldn’t have seen coming. The ubiquity and simple, sturdy construction make shipping containers the perfect starting shell or building block for all kinds of structures. Today, containers are converted and used for storage, office or retail space, event spaces, restaurants, housing, ablution facilities and even swimming pools. The limit of what containers can become is seemingly limited only by people’s imaginations. They’re converted, combined and re-purposed to create all kinds of building solutions.

We stock new and used ISO standard steel shipping containers for sale and delivery across the African continent. Our containers are standard 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) and can be customised and fitted with the specialised equipment to meet your needs.

We offer standard steel shipping containers for storage purposes. All our containers can be locked and are wind and watertight. Available in 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) containers.

Refrigerated containers are perfect for short or long term cold storage solutions. The temperature can be adjusted to within 0.1°C accuracy between -25°C to 25°C. Available in 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) containers.

These containers are suitable for over-height or large cargo that wouldn’t fit in a standard container. Open tops lack a solid roof. Instead, they use a removable weather-proof tarpaulin secured by ropes. Available in 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) containers.

Flat rack containers have no roof, or side walls also used to transport cargo too large or awkwardly shaped to fit into a standard container. Our Flat Racks are only available in 6m (20ft) sizes.

FLAT PACKS These are customised container-sized structures with a door and windows. They’re standard shipping container size and disassembled into a flat pack making them easy to transport. Once at their destination site, the prefabricated walls, floor and ceiling along with its doors and windows are assembled and erected within a few hours. Check out our container conversion offers for more.

TANK CONTAINERS Or “tanktainers” as they’re sometimes called, are designed for the transport and storage of liquid, gas and powder. Our tank containers are only available in 6m (20ft) size.

If you’re looking for a reliable source in shipping containers for sale to suit all your needs – contact us and find out for yourself why we’re the leading distributors and sellers of shipping containers and container customisation across Africa.