Efficient and compact homes are becoming more popular worldwide. As a result, container homes are fast becoming the number one cost-effective and eco-friendly housing option. This trend is likely to continue as property prices rise, and the desire for sustainable living becomes more widespread.  

With Innovative ideas shipping containers have been used not only for simple one-roomed houses but also for big multi-storey family homes. Their versatility and mobility mean there are endless options when it comes to turning either one or multiple containers into homes.

Property investors are finding that upcycled shipping containers are a great solution to saving on building costs and an effective way to reduce one’s carbon footprint.


  • Current estimates show that investing in a container home is roughly 30% to 35% cheaper than traditional building investments.
  • Shipping containers are an all-in-one unit. So, after purchasing your one-trip or used 20ft or 40ft container, the only other ‘building’ costs are your insulation and foundation costs.
  • Container homes are movable, meaning you can save on re-investment costs if you need to relocate, as well as on inflation rates.
  • The average container home takes approximately 6 to 12 weeks to convert into a living space, saving time and money.
  • Shipping containers are built to last decades and are highly durable, reducing the need for regular and costly maintenance.
  • With the current trend in smaller, affordable and eco-friendly living, container homes have a good resale value.


  • Hundreds of thousands of shipping containers are abandoned every year at ports around the world. Investing in one or more is a way of recycling used and discarded material.
  • Shipping containers provide a readymade shell for a home which reduces the use of natural resources needed during the building process, such as water and power.
  • Traditional construction machinery and building materials impact profoundly on the earth’s natural environment. By using shipping containers, you will drastically reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Because container homes are movable, they give the natural environment a chance to regenerate when the container is moved away.
  • Container homes often use blocks and stilts instead of traditional foundations. This means they can be erected almost anywhere without disturbing the natural environment.
  • Solar panels and geysers, as well as rainwater systems, are easily installed in container homes.

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