Flat pack containers are customised collapsible container structures with a door and windows. They come in standard shipping container size (20ft or 40ft). The advantage of flatpacks is that they can be disassembled into a flat-pack making them easy to transport. Once at their destination, the prefabricated walls, and floor, as well as the door and windows, are reassembled and erected within hours.

If your needs are land-based, time-constrained or temporary, then you should consider the user-friendly and adaptable flatpack container. While offering all the benefits of any standard shipping container, flatpack containers are even more versatile and flexible.

Collapsible flatpack containers should be the first choice for anyone who is looking to save time and space. Constructed out of rolled steel frames and insulated with panels, these durable containers are just as wind and watertight as regular shipping containers.


Typical onsite delays are avoided when you invest in the stackable flatpack container. Lightweight in comparison to standard shipping containers, forklifts and cranes are not needed for delivery as each panel can be lifted by hand. After the initial indoor construction, multiple flatpacks can be stacked and transported to their final location. Up to four units can be loaded in the same space as one standard 20ft shipping container. With erection being simple and quick they are ready to move into within hours of delivery. This not only saves on time but also on delivery costs.


An ideal choice for temporary or semi-permanent constructions, flatpack containers are the perfect building blocks for any variety of conversion. Each flatpack container can be linked together or stacked up to three storeys. This makes extending your construction an easy option or you have the freedom to choose whichever configuration suits your needs. The versatility of flatpacks makes it possible to erect them in all types of terrain, including environments that would typically be too difficult for regular constructions. The units can then be easily dismantled and relocated elsewhere.


Flatpacks can be considered for multiple types of constructions including:

  • Classrooms
  • Ablutions
  • Guard huts
  • Recreational facilities
  • Luxury offices / Office complexes
  • Camps
  • Boardrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Restaurants / Mess halls
  • Accommodation units / Houses
  • Hospitals / Clinics

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