Shipping containers are the perfect solution for a range of office needs. Either 20ft or 40ft containers can make an ideal office, especially a mobile office. With their easy-to-convert and affordable versatility, shipping containers have become a popular choice for office space worldwide.

Mobile offices can be used for a variety of office needs from on-site offices at building sites, film sets or mining operations to outside home offices or an office space within a large warehouse.  


There are many reasons why you should look at either buying or leasing a container for your mobile office needs. Consider these factors below:

Transport: Shipping containers are designed to be moved over vast distances so they remain easy to transport via sea, rail or truck to whichever destination you choose. Collapsible flatpack containers are even more user-friendly because they can be stacked when transported, saving space and costs.

Money-saving: Using a shipping container as an office will not only save on building costs but also time expenditure. With the shell of the construction already existing, the cost of acquiring a functional mobile office is reduced. Additional requirements such as power, plumbing, internal walls, doors and windows are easily and affordably added. So once your additions are complete, your mobile office can be installed and ready to move into within hours, instead of waiting for months of construction time

Space-saving:  Without taking up a vast area, both 20ft and 40ft containers provide ample space for office requirements. Joining or stacking containers to a specific configuration is quickly done if you need more office space.

Durable: Shipping containers are made to withstand heavy weather conditions, which makes them highly durable and long-lasting. As a result, purchasing or leasing a container for a mobile office is a low risk, long-term investment.

It’s easy to understand why so many people choose to use shipping containers for mobile offices. Being leaders in the shipping container industry, as well as container conversions, we at Valley Containers can assist you with any office configuration that suits your needs.

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