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  • Max internal 430mm High strength container lock & cargo door lock suitable for trucks and containers.
  • High strength metal welding, thickness of steel 7mm resistant to bolt cutters.
  • Special 7mm plate used for container locks.
  • Made from high tensile spring steel, making it extremely difficult to saw through.
  • Laser cut locking holes for accuracy.
  • Specially bent lock claws engineered by suspension and spring makers.
  • Baked and hardened at 1000 degrees Celsius and case hardened.
  • Incredibly strong locking claws – bolt cutter proof.
  • Due to flexible adjustments the 5th lock can be used on any cargo vehicle to shipping containers.
  • 13mm locking shaft, easily replaced – if lost at low cost.
  • Robust heavy duty structure – weighs 4.5 kilograms, extremely rigid.
  • Clever locking system – uses union cylinder bolt sleeve.
  • 2 keys per lock accommodate shipping seal in lock housing or insert large pad lock for extra security.
  • Double locking system can lock most shipping container locks with lock rod distances between 340mm to 420mm.
  • Suitable for all applications and industries – e.g. construction companies, government, container shipping companies, container manufacturers, transporters, freight companies, etc.
  • Excellent value – no other lock compares – guaranteed.
  • Locks rods doors from 230mm to 430mm apart.
  • Electro-plated for extra durability.
  • Excellent investment in theft deterrence, reduce losses & break-ins.


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