Are shipping containers cheap?

The general consensus is that shipping containers are cheap. However that really depends on what you want to use the shipping container for. In some situations it can reduce costs.

Do shipping containers rust?

A shipping container is a special, non-corrosive corten steel, when coated with Ceramic coating it becomes virtually rust proof and also can prevent mildew, mold and is antiseptic. You should have no rust problems if you use a certified paint to paint your container.

How long does containers last?

The average life span of the containers are at least twenty-five years without any problems. If you maintain the containers and keep on top of any rust you can expect the container to last longer.

How do you insulate a shipping container?

We use 40mm Iso Paneling or Lamda board to insulate the containers.

Can I put a container in my back yard?

In some instances, yes. If you do not have a suitable place to put the container on your property it can sometimes be put on grass or in a parking bay outside your house. You do need to obtain permission from your local council to do this.

How to avoid container scammers?

If you are unsure of the company, visit the container fraud website to check if they are listed.

1. Never accept a quotation from a g-mail, yahoo or Hotmail account
2. Go and view the container before you pay
3. Cheap containers = scam

What is the weight of a shipping container?

The weight of an empty 6m steel container is 2.4 tonnes. A 12m steel container is 4 tonnes and a 12m hi-cube container is 4.2 tonnes.

What is the minimum rental period?

We invoice on a monthly basis, the minimum period would be 30 days.

Why use converted shipping containers?
  • The costs can be significantly lower than traditional construction.
    Faster delivery time and less on-site disruption than building a facility.
  • Containers are more portable, can be easily moved.
  • Should you require more space at a later stage you can simply add another container.
  • Containers are weather resistant and tamper proof. We also rent and sell solid steel container lock.


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